About Mountain Culture

INTENTION. In 2012, we had the bright idea to take small batch, homebrewed kombucha, scale it into a business and keep using only clean mountain water, truly good ingredients and naturally occurring micro-organisms. That alone is probably enough to land you in the loony bin by trade standards, but we didn’t stop there. Instead of simply making kombucha that no one would hate, we chose to style our craft for the discerning palate. To this day, we create unique and memorable flavors that speak to people who know how to listen. We take the art of brewing as seriously as the science that it is, and as it turns out, people actually appreciate authenticity. Beyond the brew itself, we put real intention behind building our business to nurture appalachia and treating the economic impact of commerce with respect. We believe in the power of conscious capitalism to change the world. Call us crazy, but people also once thought that all fat was bad for you and smoking wasn’t. Just saying. Here’s to the lunacy of today becoming the wisdom of tomorrow,

What We Do:

We use only pure mountain water, fair trade certified organic tea and raw sugar. We ferment using a mother culture passed down through generations right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which we believe embodies the spirt of Appalachia and the heritage of our ancestors into the living brew of every batch. We create unique flavors in house, using fresh pressed juices, whole herbs and spices, whole cone hops, even espresso from our local coffee roaster. We put a lot of love and a lot of work into what we do. We get testing done on our finished product by working with world-class food science and enology laboratories so we can ensure the highest possible potency of organic acids and probiotic content. We craft our kombucha to be a powerful, full of flavor and thriving with life.  

What We Do Not Do:

We never dilute or add excessive flavors. We never add organisms not naturally occurring in Kombucha.  We never add sugar to our finished product. Though it should go without saying, we never pasteurize. It’s the real deal.  

Making Real Kombucha for Real People. Since 2012.

Where to Find Our Brews?

Charlottesville, Crozet, Waynesburo, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Richmond, Arlington, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Alexandria, Afton, Dulles, Potomac, Leesburg, Gainsville, Fredricksburg, and Mt Rainer, MD

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