We’ve Rebranded!

Posted on Nov 5, 2014


Nugget’s Raw Kombucha is now Mountain Culture Kombucha. We’re the same people and it’s the same great hand crafted Kombucha, with new look!

We have been on quite the journey these last two years called Nugget’s Raw Kombucha. After these last couple years of doing business, and being out in the world representing Nugget’s, we’ve been thinking about things and have come to some realizations.

We know ourselves, and in our hearts what we stand for. However, we feel that we could’ve done a much better job conveying our message, our feelings, our ideals, and what we’re really about in our branding…  We’re about hand crafting the best possible kombucha. We use the freshest and best ingredient’s to make big, aggressive brews with pure Appalachian mountain water. We let our batches develop a nice tangy kick, and then we use powerful medicinal herbs and fresh-pressed juices to balance the taste. We’re about supporting our local economy by sourcing as many ingredients as possible close to home, even growing some ourselves (which we plan to do a lot more of in the coming years).

Being born and raised in Appalachia, we have a deep connection to these ancient mountains, and the culture here speaks to our souls in a big way. Keeping ancient traditions alive in our home, and being able to pass those traditions forward in a modern world is our path in this life.

All that said we have been quietly building our new brand, and want to welcome you on our journey of releasing Mountain Culture Kombucha into the world.

Much love Yall!

Peter, Kelsey and Oliver